staff blogs staff keep (relatively) up-to-date logs of their activities in .plan files. These were traditionally available via finger, but we've put them on the web for easier consumption.


bovine [30-Nov-2009 @ 07:34]

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:: 30-Nov-2009 07:34 GMT (Monday) ::

Happy Cyber Monday! If you’re planning on doing a little holiday
shopping, why not consider helping by signing up at
iGive? Once you sign up through the following link, supported online
retailers will donate a small percentage of your purchase price to us
and help fund our general operational expenses:


mikereed [15-Sep-2008 @ 00:35]

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:: 15-Sep-2008 00:35 GMT (Monday) ::

Dear friends,

It has come to our attention that a firm named ‘Mystery Shoppers Inc.’ has
been sending out headed letters with our logo on them. These letters contain
instructions on how to become a mystery shopper and bogus checks to cash as
‘earnings’. We would like to assure you that we would never put our name to
this kind of operation. We hope that the fraudsters behind it are brought to
justice promptly. We thank you for your continuing support.

Moo! ]:8)


bovine [02-Nov-2007 @ 05:49]

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:: 02-Nov-2007 05:49 GMT (Friday) ::

For the last week and a half things have been very busy for us behind
the scenes at! That is because we hosted an official
“code-a-thon” event here in Austin, Texas in order to help kick off
the preparation and internal development of a new project!

Although we’re not prepared to say much more about the new project
quite yet, we can say that it will be operated in parallel to the
existing RC5-72 and OGR projects. We hope to provide more information
and begin rolling out the project in the next couple months.

Among the staffers that flew in were Decio from Brazil, Ertyu from
Winnipeg Canada, Moike from UK, PetrDoubt from Mountain View CA, and
Nerf from NYC. Local staff in attendance were: myself, Nugget,
Decibel, Moonwick, Moose, and Leto.

You can check out some of our photos of the event at


chipper [07-Aug-2007 @ 22:19]

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:: 07-Aug-2007 22:19 GMT (Tuesday) :: will be down for maintenance starting at 6:30PM EDT
and returning to service before midnight EDT.



chipper [01-Jun-2007 @ 14:15]

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:: 01-Jun-2007 14:15 GMT (Friday) ::

Apologies for the extra password reminder emails, we had a little glitch due to
some recent maintenance.



bovine [28-May-2006 @ 02:27]

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:: 28-May-2006 02:27 GMT (Sunday) ::

Mailing lists operational again. We’ve been experiencing some
problems with our mailing lists server over the past few weeks, but
hopefully it should be operational now!


floppus [09-Nov-2005 @ 18:40]

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:: 09-Nov-2005 18:40 GMT (Wednesday) ::

An issue with the script that allows for fetching and flushing via e-mail was
resolved. Users would always receive 24 packets when requesting OGR-P2 work, no
matter how much work they requested.

If you are not familiar with fetching and flushing via e-mail,
and would like more information, please visit our help pages at:


nugget [18-Oct-2005 @ 18:51]

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:: 18-Oct-2005 18:51 GMT (Tuesday) ::

I got a request a few weeks back for a shirt that wasn’t white
or grey. Cafepress can’t accommodate that need since they only do digital
transfer printing which is impractical on darker colored items. Hackerthreads
wanted a (fairly) large commitment for quantity, so I went looking for

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve got a handful of actual screen-transfer
shirts available from now — both with and without slogans on
the back. These are high quality plot printing transfers, which will not fade.

You can never have too much cow swag.


nugget [23-Sep-2005 @ 21:00]

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:: 23-Sep-2005 21:00 GMT (Friday) ::

Thanks to ODD, the remains of arrived this
evening via FedEx. If anyone’s curious, I snapped a few photos at — Rockin’ AMD K6-2 power!

In other news, I brought the ledger up to current here on the site
and we’ve gone ahead and ordered a more modern (Opteron) replacement
box which will get prepped and shipped out to next week or
the week thereafter. We decided to go ahead and spend a bit more than
we might have otherwise done (about three grand, all told) since history
would indicate that we can expect to be using this replacement server
until sometime in 2012. If nothing else, the new box’s keyrate will
be a lot faster than that old K6.

Writing a cheque for three grand is always a bit uncomfortable, so if
you’ve ever wanted to pick up a slick t-shirt, today
would be the day. With the RC5 projects getting ridiculously huge, we’re
going to be relying more on member support to keep things running in
the coming years.



nugget [14-Sep-2005 @ 16:08]

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:: 14-Sep-2005 16:08 GMT (Wednesday) ::

A moment of silence for oldnodezero…

859 days ago (check my .plan) the UPS sitting behind our server exploded in an exciting boom described even
today as “the great UPS cataclysm” by staff. The UPS explosion
dashed the spiffy 761 day uptime on the server.

Today the box finally died, setting a new record 859 day uptime. Attempts
to resuscitate the box have not been successful. It died with page fault
warnings on the console and now it won’t even POST. ODD is going to swing
by tomorrow to pick up the carcass and ship it down here to Austin
for forensics.

It really says a lot about a colo facility when they can provide that kind
of stability though. Visi has been babysitting this box since we put it
into production in 1998. It’s the first piece of hardware that we ever
bought for and it’s been in productive use ever since.

It’s an AT case. Pre-ATX. An AMD K6 with a gigantic 8GB IDE hard drive.
Garage-built consumer junk, but it sure did hold up well. We’ll be
replacing it with a more modern 1U rackmount machine soon. In the
meantime though, we’re down to just the single server for dns and web.

Thanks again to who have consistently provided peerless colo
services. I’m sure if we manage to beat 859 days this time around, the
eventual failure will again be something beyond their control.

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