staff blogs staff keep (relatively) up-to-date logs of their activities in .plan files. These were traditionally available via finger, but we've put them on the web for easier consumption.


chipper [07-Aug-2007 @ 22:19]

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:: 07-Aug-2007 22:19 GMT (Tuesday) :: will be down for maintenance starting at 6:30PM EDT
and returning to service before midnight EDT.



chipper [01-Jun-2007 @ 14:15]

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:: 01-Jun-2007 14:15 GMT (Friday) ::

Apologies for the extra password reminder emails, we had a little glitch due to
some recent maintenance.



chipper [02-Jun-2003 @ 20:49]

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:: 02-Jun-2003 20:49 GMT (Monday) ::

We had a partial password reminder run with mailman this past weekend, but
it was stopped prior to completion … sooo, I’m going to run it again
manually. My apologies in advance for subscribers that receive duplicate
password reminders.


chipper [07-May-2003 @ 04:06]

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:: 07-May-2003 04:06 GMT (Wednesday) ::

Long time, no plan.

Distributed.Net has been running majordomo since inception and it is finally
time for us to join others in putting majordomo 1.x to rest as many others
before us. To that end, we have found a list manager, Mailman, which is feature
rich and fairly easy to migrate to from majordomo. There are many benefits to
list manager and subscribers alike, and we expect this change to improve the
experiences of both.

The first thing you will notice (after you fix your in-box filters) is that
there is embedded list management information in every post thereby making it
easier for you to update your subscription. Upon following one of the links you
will be brought to a web based interface allowing you to change email delivery
preferences and detail other lists you may be subscribed to. You will now also
receive a monthly password reminder for your list subscriptions which will
double as a bounce detection email. Finally, we will eventually be able to
offer real-time web archives of hosted mailing lists.

We have converted some lower volume lists so far and are working through
learning how best to use the new tools and features available to out greatest
advantage. Expect the larger lists, like rc5@lists, to be converted later this