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bovine [02-Nov-2007 @ 05:49]

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:: 02-Nov-2007 05:49 GMT (Friday) ::

For the last week and a half things have been very busy for us behind
the scenes at! That is because we hosted an official
“code-a-thon” event here in Austin, Texas in order to help kick off
the preparation and internal development of a new project!

Although we’re not prepared to say much more about the new project
quite yet, we can say that it will be operated in parallel to the
existing RC5-72 and OGR projects. We hope to provide more information
and begin rolling out the project in the next couple months.

Among the staffers that flew in were Decio from Brazil, Ertyu from
Winnipeg Canada, Moike from UK, PetrDoubt from Mountain View CA, and
Nerf from NYC. Local staff in attendance were: myself, Nugget,
Decibel, Moonwick, Moose, and Leto.

You can check out some of our photos of the event at