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nugget [23-Sep-2005 @ 21:00]

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:: 23-Sep-2005 21:00 GMT (Friday) ::

Thanks to ODD, the remains of arrived this
evening via FedEx. If anyone’s curious, I snapped a few photos at — Rockin’ AMD K6-2 power!

In other news, I brought the ledger up to current here on the site
and we’ve gone ahead and ordered a more modern (Opteron) replacement
box which will get prepped and shipped out to next week or
the week thereafter. We decided to go ahead and spend a bit more than
we might have otherwise done (about three grand, all told) since history
would indicate that we can expect to be using this replacement server
until sometime in 2012. If nothing else, the new box’s keyrate will
be a lot faster than that old K6.

Writing a cheque for three grand is always a bit uncomfortable, so if
you’ve ever wanted to pick up a slick t-shirt, today
would be the day. With the RC5 projects getting ridiculously huge, we’re
going to be relying more on member support to keep things running in
the coming years.