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Stats interruption due to overflow

Filed under: stats @ 04:54 UTC

It seems that we’ve encountered an unexpected milestone in the our RC5-72 project’s status!  Last night’s stats processing hit a data overflow error in one of the team database columns.

We will be making some schema changes to one of the backend team tables and hope to have stats processing back online later today.  Once we’re done, stats should again properly reflect all received results.

Keep on crunching!  ]:8)


Stats back

Filed under: stats @ 18:08 UTC

Stats server is back online and fully caught up after the outage.  We’re still running on reduced redundancy on the power supplies, however.

It is probably time to consider a complete replacement of this machine, since it has been running for more than six years (April 2004).  It has also recently been suffering from regular failures on one of its RAID controller ports, regardless of the drive connected to it.

As a reference, the current stats hardware is described at the top of

We’ll be investigating our resources and options over the next few days and hopefully be able to begin the replacement process soon.

Thanks for your support!


Stats down again

Filed under: stats @ 22:22 UTC

One of the three power supplies in our stats server has failed again, causing it to be unstable while operating on the remaining units.  We’re in the process of trying to get the failed unit replaced, but it may take a few days.

Until then, all results sent by dnetc clients will be saved by our keyservers and will be reflected once the stats server is brought back online.  Thanks for your support!


Stats back online

Filed under: stats @ 20:24 UTC

The Stats server is now back online and has caught up on processing.  It just needed a power-cycling.

Stats temporarily unavailable

Filed under: stats @ 03:40 UTC

Unfortunately, we’re having some problems with our stats server, but we’re hoping to have the issue fixed soon.  All work submitted by clients is being stored and will be reflected once our stats server is back online.  More details will be provided once they’re available.  Thanks for your patience!  ]:8)


chrisj [12-Mar-2010 @ 10:48]

Filed under: stats @ 10:48 UTC

:: 12-Mar-2010 10:48 GMT (Friday) ::

Hi All,

Stats is back online and caught up. The dns record for
has been updated and will take effect within the next few hours.

At present, stats is operating in a read-only mode while we perform some
consistency checks. This means that any changes to teams, participant
information, etc is currently unavailable.

Thanks for your co-operation and patience. Moo! ]:8)


mikereed [10-Mar-2010 @ 00:28]

Filed under: stats @ 00:28 UTC

:: 10-Mar-2010 00:28 GMT (Wednesday) ::

Our stats system is down while we attend to some unscheduled maintenance. We
hope to have it back online shortly.

Thanks for your patience and continued support! ]:8)


bovine [19-Feb-2010 @ 23:58]

Filed under: stats @ 23:58 UTC

:: 19-Feb-2010 23:58 GMT (Friday) ::

Stats will be a little delayed today and will likely be a little low
because we are currently processing some backlog that occurred today
due to a system outage. Tomorrow’s stats should have the delayed
results. Moo! ]:8)


chrisj [16-Jan-2010 @ 16:01]

Filed under: stats @ 16:01 UTC

:: 16-Jan-2010 16:01 GMT (Saturday) ::

Hi All,

Some of you may have received an email from stats indicating your password was
retrieved by googlebot:

you (or “” []) recently
requested the password for your stats account.

This was a side effect of the temporary placeholder page put in place whilst
fritz (statsbox) was offline. Your password has not been disclosed to anyone
but you.

For now, I’ve blocked googlebot from accessing stats, until our robots.txt file
takes effect again.

Moo! ]:8)


bovine [15-Jan-2010 @ 20:50]

Filed under: stats @ 20:50 UTC

:: 15-Jan-2010 20:50 GMT (Friday) ::

Statsbox is back online. We used some of the downtime to thoroughly
upgrade the OS, software payload, RAID firmware, and add some more
RAM. Thanks for your patience!

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