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[resolved] stats offline

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edit: stats now back up, thanks for your patience!

Stats is currently down due to technical difficulties – engineers are working to bring the system back online as soon as possible.

As always, no work will be lost while the site is down – all submitted blocks will be credited as normal.



chrisj [12-Mar-2010 @ 10:48]

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:: 12-Mar-2010 10:48 GMT (Friday) ::

Hi All,

Stats is back online and caught up. The dns record for
has been updated and will take effect within the next few hours.

At present, stats is operating in a read-only mode while we perform some
consistency checks. This means that any changes to teams, participant
information, etc is currently unavailable.

Thanks for your co-operation and patience. Moo! ]:8)


chrisj [16-Jan-2010 @ 16:01]

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:: 16-Jan-2010 16:01 GMT (Saturday) ::

Hi All,

Some of you may have received an email from stats indicating your password was
retrieved by googlebot:

you (or “” []) recently
requested the password for your stats account.

This was a side effect of the temporary placeholder page put in place whilst
fritz (statsbox) was offline. Your password has not been disclosed to anyone
but you.

For now, I’ve blocked googlebot from accessing stats, until our robots.txt file
takes effect again.

Moo! ]:8)


chrisj [09-Jan-2010 @ 23:30]

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:: 09-Jan-2010 23:30 GMT (Saturday) ::

It looks like fritz (statsbox) is experiencing some residual issues following
the problems within our provider earlier.

We’re working to resolve this as soon as possible. All work submitted will be
credited when stats is brought back online.

Thanks for your co-operation and patience. Moo! ]:8)


chrisj [01-Jan-2010 @ 21:43]

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:: 01-Jan-2010 21:43 GMT (Friday) ::

On behalf of everyone at, welcome to 2010.

Happy Moo Year ]:8)


chrisj [05-Sep-2009 @ 10:02]

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:: 05-Sep-2009 10:02 GMT (Saturday) ::

Hi All,

It looks like fritz, our stats server, is experiencing technical difficulties
and is offline.

I’ll keep you all posted as information comes through. In the mean time, no
work will be lost

Thank you for you co-operation and patience

Moo! ]:8)


chrisj [03-Jan-2009 @ 21:01]

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:: 03-Jan-2009 21:01 GMT (Saturday) ::

Stats has now been updated to include node rate graphs for OGR-NG.

You can find the graphs at, or by clicking on the
history link from the OGR stats page

Moo! ]:8)


chrisj [31-Aug-2008 @ 18:42]

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:: 31-Aug-2008 18:42 GMT (Sunday) ::

Stats is back online and catching up now.

Thanks for your patience. Moo!


chrisj [06-Jan-2007 @ 22:29]

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:: 06-Jan-2007 22:29 GMT (Saturday) ::

Done toying with stats for the night. If anyone notices anything wrong, drop me
an email

chrisj [06-Jan-2007 @ 20:09]

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:: 06-Jan-2007 20:09 GMT (Saturday) ::

I’m going to be doing some updates on fritz over the next couple hours.

Apologies in advance if I have to take stats offline for a bit

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