staff blogs staff keep (relatively) up-to-date logs of their activities in .plan files. These were traditionally available via finger, but we've put them on the web for easier consumption.


chrisj [14-Nov-2006 @ 11:39]

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:: 14-Nov-2006 11:39 GMT (Tuesday) ::

Stats are back up again.

Apologies for the extended down-time, folks.


chrisj [05-Nov-2006 @ 17:07]

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:: 05-Nov-2006 17:07 GMT (Sunday) ::

As you’ve no doubt all noticed, stats has gone down. Again.

It’s looking like fritz is having some more drive troubles. We’re working as
fast as we can to get the box back online and stable again.

As usual, all work is being logged, and will be credited when the site is back
online again.

Apologies for the extended down-time.


chrisj [30-Oct-2006 @ 16:08]

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:: 30-Oct-2006 16:08 GMT (Monday) ::

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, stats are down again. More
information when we know more.


chrisj [30-Sep-2006 @ 12:05]

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:: 30-Sep-2006 12:05 GMT (Saturday) ::

Fritz is back up again. We’re in the process of catching the database up now.

Thanks for your patience.


chrisj [28-Sep-2006 @ 15:44]

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:: 28-Sep-2006 15:44 GMT (Thursday) ::

It looks like statsbox has suffered another drive failure. Unfortunately, it’s
looking like it will be a few days before anyone can go out and diagnose it.

We apologise for the downtime again. All work will be credited as soon as
statsbox is back online again.


chrisj [25-Sep-2006 @ 11:52]

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:: 25-Sep-2006 11:52 GMT (Monday) ::

Statsbox appears to be down again. More information when we know more.


chrisj [31-Jan-2006 @ 11:35]

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:: 31-Jan-2006 11:35 GMT (Tuesday) ::

We’ve fixed the keymaster issues with RC5-72, and all of our proxies have
filled their buffers again.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.


chrisj [29-Jan-2006 @ 18:10]

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:: 29-Jan-2006 18:10 GMT (Sunday) ::

We’re experiencing some problems with the keymaster at the moment. This means
that some of our proxies have run out of work for RC5-72.

As a result, some of you may not be able to fetch new workunits from the

THIS IS ONLY AFFECTING RC5-72. Clients running OGR will continue to function
normally, and clients in their default configuration will gracefully fallback
to doing OGR until RC5-72 work is available again.

We’ll let you know more as more information comes to hand. Sorry for any
inconvenience this has caused. We’re working as hard as we can to get the
system back up and running properly.


chrisj [13-Nov-2005 @ 12:33]

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:: 13-Nov-2005 12:33 GMT (Sunday) ::

fritz (statsbox) is currently offline due to issues with the drive controller.
We’re working to bring it back up as soon as possible, but in the mean time,
we’re keeping stats offline while we make sure the hardware is ok.

All work is still being counted. The stats-site will catch-up once we bring it
online again.

Stay tuned for further updates!


chrisj [23-Jul-2004 @ 08:46]

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:: 23-Jul-2004 08:46 GMT (Friday) ::


As some of you may have noticed, an album for user photos has been added to This currently contains old photos (some up to
4, 5 years old).

Obviously, we need some more recent ones in there :)

If you’d like to be featured, email submissions to “” –
ensure photos are G-rated ]:8)

(staff photo’s are already in there :)

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