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nerf [01-Apr-2003 @ 23:28]

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:: 01-Apr-2003 23:28 GMT (Tuesday) ::

Due to an oversight on my part, the current OGR verification database
is missing 2001 data (yes, all of it), so I’ll be adding that over the
next few days.

At this point, the only thing preventing a daily update of the %
complete for OGR is some PHP code to interface with the database. As
this is the first time we’re talking to postgresql, expect it to take a
few days.


nerf [26-Mar-2003 @ 22:55]

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:: 26-Mar-2003 22:55 GMT (Wednesday) ::

OGR stats are coming. At this point there are a few things left to do:

-Either convert stats.sql to output in better form or write code to take
current output and put it in a better form.
-Have another set of eyes audit the code.

Also (not blocking to getting stats up):
-Output “done” list to master
-Clean up code to allow it to be run from another directory

As for the first item, it’s currently giving this:
table_name | function | result | project_id
ogr_stubs | count | 5364870 | 24
ogr_stubs | count | 20879063 | 25
| pass1 | 2781323 | 24
| pass1 | 14693958 | 25
| pass2 | 380871 | 24
| pass2 | 6678337 | 25

But I’d like to be getting this:
rundate | project_id | count | pass1 | pass2
2003-03-25 | 24 | 5364870 | 2779852 | 379837
2003-03-25 | 25 | 20879063 | 14659776 | 6644832
2003-03-26 | 24 | 5364870 | 2781323 | 380871
2003-03-26 | 25 | 20879063 | 14693958 | 6678337

So if you have the time and knowhow, let me know (or just send code).

BTW, yes those numbers are real for those dates. Sorry if it’s lower
than expected, but remember that we had to throw out quite a bit of the
ogr24 work as it couldn’t ber verified. I’d love to have someone audit
the code and find out that we’re actually much further along than I


nerf [03-Feb-2003 @ 04:49]

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:: 03-Feb-2003 04:49 GMT (Monday) ::

Thanks to Tom Lane and Neil Conway from the PostgreSQL group for helping
diagnose the problem as a known bug with large joins. Now that we’re
past that issue, it’s a matter of tweaking and it should be in
production soon.


nerf [28-Jan-2003 @ 06:56]

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:: 28-Jan-2003 06:56 GMT (Tuesday) ::

The query that does the main import for the OGR verification is causing
the postgres process to die. This obviously hampers development quite
a bit.

I’m currently in contact with one of the dev-team for postgreSQL, so
hopefully this issue will be resolved quickly and we can tell you how far
along in OGR we are.


nerf [09-Jan-2003 @ 18:57]

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:: 09-Jan-2003 18:57 GMT (Thursday) ::

CalicoJak has been kind enough to update a little calculator tool from
the rc5-64 days. For a given CPU, it gives estimates on the number
of blocks per day and week you should do for RC5, as well as your expected
OGR rate.

Check for all the fun.

Keep in mind that these are very rough estimates and will likely
change as cores get updated.

Stop in to #distributed on and says thanks to CalicoJak.


nerf [17-Dec-2002 @ 21:17]

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:: 17-Dec-2002 21:17 GMT (Tuesday) ::

Just a quick note to let you know we’re doing stuff:

Joel and I have been working on the OGR verification routines and are
pretty close to the final testing phase. At this point we’ve run into
some problems that require things to be handled manually, which is
obviously a Bad Thing.

Once we get things sorted out, we will have one of the biggest hurdles
to finishing an OGR contest out of the way.


nerf [24-Mar-2002 @ 14:34]

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:: 24-Mar-2002 14:34 GMT (Sunday) ::

This appeared on the mailing list earlier. In an effort to get the
message out to as many as possible, I’m reposting it here.

Hash: SHA1

Greetings, cows.

It has been a long time since we made an announcement via this list,
and I wish I had a better reason to contact you today.

We have recently learned that our long-standing arrangement with
Texas.Net (formerly Insync) would end at noon, Friday, March 22.
Through an agreement with Insync, we were hosted at no charge for
many years. Though we have tried to make other arrangements with
them or to continue our current service until we can make other
arrangements, in the end we had no choice but to move.

Several of the Austin cows made a road trip Friday morning to
retrieve our equipment from their colocation facility.

We have no reason to complain about Texas.Net or their current
decision. As a business, they chose to donate to us for a long time,
and have now decided that they must stop. In dbaker’s words in a
letter to Texas.Net: “Our experience with Insync has been excellent;
I’ve never been happier with an Internet provider. I’ve recommended
them (and indirectly, Texas.Net) to everyone and even this
[situation] won’t change that.”

Though United Devices has kindly offered to colocate our primary
servers for a short time at no expense, we find ourselves in the
market for a new ISP. If any of our participants work for a major
ISP in Texas (preferably within a few hours of Austin, but we’re not
picky), and would be willing to donate colocation space and
connectivity, we would eagerly like to speak with you. Our typical
bandwidth usage is 3Mb/s, and reliable uptime is of course essential.

Please e-mail if you think you may be able to
help us in this area.

As always, we thank you for your support of our projects.

Bruce Wilson
PGP KeyID: 5430B995

Version: PGP 7.0.4



nerf [07-Dec-2001 @ 14:55]

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:: 07-Dec-2001 15:17 (Friday) ::

Good news/bad news:

I have been working on a method to automate the process of determining
when an OGR stub is “completed.” That is, when it has been done by two
separate sources who agree on the result. When this is finished, we will
be able to quickly determine which stubs still need to be done, and when
an OGR project can be called complete.

Unfortunately, due to some personal issues, my access to computing resources
will be extremely limited in the near future. As an aside, if you happen
to know of an opening for an HP-UX sysadmin who is willing to travel, drop
me a line. Australia or the US preferred.

Regrettably, I haven’t made enough progress yet to be able to recycle
OGR-24 and OGR-25. Being able to recycle is one of our highest priorities,
not only so we can finish OGR-24 and -25, but so we can continue to 26…31.

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