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nerf [24-Mar-2002 @ 14:34]

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:: 24-Mar-2002 14:34 GMT (Sunday) ::

This appeared on the mailing list earlier. In an effort to get the
message out to as many as possible, I’m reposting it here.

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Greetings, cows.

It has been a long time since we made an announcement via this list,
and I wish I had a better reason to contact you today.

We have recently learned that our long-standing arrangement with
Texas.Net (formerly Insync) would end at noon, Friday, March 22.
Through an agreement with Insync, we were hosted at no charge for
many years. Though we have tried to make other arrangements with
them or to continue our current service until we can make other
arrangements, in the end we had no choice but to move.

Several of the Austin cows made a road trip Friday morning to
retrieve our equipment from their colocation facility.

We have no reason to complain about Texas.Net or their current
decision. As a business, they chose to donate to us for a long time,
and have now decided that they must stop. In dbaker’s words in a
letter to Texas.Net: “Our experience with Insync has been excellent;
I’ve never been happier with an Internet provider. I’ve recommended
them (and indirectly, Texas.Net) to everyone and even this
[situation] won’t change that.”

Though United Devices has kindly offered to colocate our primary
servers for a short time at no expense, we find ourselves in the
market for a new ISP. If any of our participants work for a major
ISP in Texas (preferably within a few hours of Austin, but we’re not
picky), and would be willing to donate colocation space and
connectivity, we would eagerly like to speak with you. Our typical
bandwidth usage is 3Mb/s, and reliable uptime is of course essential.

Please e-mail if you think you may be able to
help us in this area.

As always, we thank you for your support of our projects.

Bruce Wilson
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