staff blogs staff keep (relatively) up-to-date logs of their activities in .plan files. These were traditionally available via finger, but we've put them on the web for easier consumption.


decibel [01-Sep-2007 @ 18:37]

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:: 01-Sep-2007 18:37 GMT (Saturday) ::

I’m going to upgrade PostgreSQL on stats in a few minutes… downtime should be


decibel [06-Sep-2006 @ 12:39]

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:: 06-Sep-2006 12:39 GMT (Wednesday) ::

We’ll be doing some maintenance on fritz this afternoon, so stats will be
offline for a few hours. Sorry for any inconvenience.


decibel [12-Apr-2006 @ 15:51]

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:: 12-Apr-2006 15:51 GMT (Wednesday) ::

As nugget mentioned yesterday, we think we’ve discovered the reason why drives
keep dropping out of the array. Nugget tried to fix the problem, but it looks
like he was unsuccessful as we’re back to degraded mode again.

Rather than continue without stats while we try and fix this, we’re going to
turn them back on and switch to nightly backups for now. It is possible we
could end up losing some user changes if we lose another drive in the array,
but hopefully that won’t happen…


decibel [28-Mar-2006 @ 02:33]

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:: 28-Mar-2006 02:33 GMT (Tuesday) ::

Another of the original drives in fritz has died. Fortunately there was no data
corruption like last time, but we’ve decided to keep stats offline until we can
get a new replacement installed. I’m not sure when exactly that will happen,
since I’m currently 8 time-zones away from the machine. I would expect it to be
this week, however.


decibel [25-Mar-2006 @ 06:44]

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:: 25-Mar-2006 06:44 GMT (Saturday) ::

Stats are currently down, and I’m unable to ssh into the box. Since I’m in
Belgium right now, there’s not much I can do, but someone in the states should
be up and able to look at it in the next few hours.


decibel [24-Mar-2006 @ 09:31]

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:: 24-Mar-2006 09:31 GMT (Friday) ::

I’ll be updating PostgreSQL on stats shortly; there will be a brief outage.


decibel [22-Jan-2006 @ 12:35]

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:: 22-Jan-2006 12:35 GMT (Sunday) ::

I’ll be doing some maintenance on stats today, so there may be some brief


decibel [13-Jan-2006 @ 11:58]

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:: 13-Jan-2006 11:58 GMT (Friday) ::

Ok, firefox is out-foxing me I guess…

If I enter into the URL field, it pulls the website
up just fine. But clicking on that link is actually broken. Wee.

Anyway, working url is

decibel [13-Jan-2006 @ 11:39]

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:: 13-Jan-2006 11:39 GMT (Friday) ::

Fritz has been successfully moved to it’s new home. Since we wanted to minimize
downtime, we used a fast transport protocol (
Luckily, the MTU on this protocol was plenty large to allow transporting fritz
without the need to fragment it ( It’s
doubtful that other transport protocols could have handled this

In any case, thanks again to for providing fritz with
a home in Austin!


decibel [12-Jan-2006 @ 15:32]

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:: 12-Jan-2006 15:32 GMT (Thursday) :: will be moving to in
approximately 2 hours. If everything goes well, downtime should only be 45-60

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