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mikereed [29-Sep-2009 @ 22:59]

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:: 29-Sep-2009 22:59 GMT (Tuesday) ::


We’d like to let our ATI Stream users know that we’ve posted an
updated Stream client beta for Windows. A Linux beta will follow
shortly. As with all our pre-release software, clients can be found at This version of the client
fixes compatibility issues with Catalyst drivers 9.9. However, there are still
several known issues with this beta. Known issues include:

The Stream client will not be used to its full potential unless
its priority is set =2 or higher. To achieve this, enter the client’s
configuration mode, and go to options 3,3 and change the value to “2”.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) lag is still heavy. While this isn’t an
issue with dedicated crunching systems, if you run the Stream client on your
primary computer, the lag may bother you. As a workaround, use the screen
saver mode to overcome this. A link to directions to enable the screen saver
can be found at the end of this .plan.

Sometimes, upon exiting, the client will not save the work unit currently
being crunched. This is cumbersome if you have been working on a large work
unit, say 64*2^32, as all work will have to be re-processed. As a workaround
here, you can enable the “checkpointing” feature. To do this, enter the
client’s configuration mode, and go to options 2,4 and choose a path and file
name for your checkpoint file.

There are on-going issues related to remote desktop connections to Stream
clients. It has been reported that using third party remote connection
software (VNC) overcomes these issues.

We are working on ironing out the remaining bugs in the Stream client. If you
have software development experience, a compatible ATI Stream video card,
and think you may be able to help with these bugs, please send an E-mail to

We want to thank all of our early adopters for their help testing our
beta clients. Currently, the Stream client produces the fastest key rates
of any desktop hardware component. It is truly an exciting time here at!

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