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mikereed [14-Aug-2009 @ 22:30]

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:: 14-Aug-2009 22:30 GMT (Friday) ::

Dear friends,

We have been testing clients for nVidia CUDA-compatible cards
for a while. Several users have noted that they are quicker than standard CPU
clients at processing RC5 packets. Yesterday, CUDA cards contributed about 3%
of the total work processed for the RC5 project. This may appear small, but
over time, it is significant.

At about the same time as nVidia launched the CUDA system, AMD came out with a
competitor which it calls Stream. Thanks to some excellent work by our friend
Sla Chupyatov, we now have a client ready for testing on Stream systems.

If you run Windows 32-bit or Linux and have an AMD R600 or higher
graphics system (HD 2xxx or better) with the Catalyst 9.7 drivers (or
higher) installed, you can help us test it. We are interested to hear
your feedback. Clients are available from our pre-release page at: Please, continue to report
any bugs or issues to our bug database at:

We would like to thank all of our dedicated early adopters for helping us with

PS: In order for your pre-release AMD client to achieve optimal key rates,
the priority should be set to “2” using the built-in configuration menu (3:
Performance related options).

Moo ]:8)