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bovine [27-Jul-2009 @ 23:26]

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:: 27-Jul-2009 23:26 GMT (Monday) ::

Howdy folks,

We’ve just transferred some new clients from the pre-release page to the
official release page:


As mentioned in a previous plan, these new x86 clients contain three
new OGR cores. Depending on your CPU type, the new cores may provide a
significant speed improvement over the cores used in previous client

Additionally we strongly recommend that users of OGR PowerPC clients
version 2.9103 or 2.9104 upgrade to these newer versions. It was
discovered that those two specific version numbers could process
OGR-27 blocks incorrectly, so results from those client versions have
been blocked. Users of PowerPC platforms should upgrade to client
version 2.9105.511 or later.

We have also promoted the following personal proxy binaries from the
pre-release page to the official release page:


We’re very close to being able to finally mark the first three
stubspaces for OGR-27 complete… The first one (OGR-27.1) was just
finished up in the last few hours. There are just a very small number
of stubs that we are waiting to be completed in OGR-27.2 and OGR-27.3.
We’ll make another announcement when those are finally received.

Keep on crunching! ]:8)