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bovine [27-Jan-2009 @ 05:22]

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:: 27-Jan-2009 05:22 GMT (Tuesday) ::

We’ve started upgrading our keyservers to build 347 of our proxy
software so that we can now offer large-sized blocks for rc5-72. This
will allow our clients to waste less time during network transfers and
block transitions. The need for this feature has become increasingly
apparent as our clients have become increasingly faster, particularly
on CellBE, CUDA, and ATI Stream hardware.

The first clients to support this will be version 2.9103-509, which
are just beginning to appear on the pre-release page for testing by
early adopters. The client has a new configuration option to allow
the preferred blocksize to be specified (a larger default blocksize is
automatically used for those three hardware platforms). While version
2.9103-509 is the first to officially allow configuration of the
blocksize, we are able to silently offer slightly larger blocks (size
16) to previously released clients on those three platforms as long
as the client is communicating with a proxy of build 347 or higher.

When the client connects to a keyserver or a personal proxy of build
347 or higher, the server will make a “best-effort” attempt to give
the client blocks of that size. If the server only has larger blocks,
then the server will try to automatically split a block to match the
request. The server cannot combine smaller blocks into larger ones.

Although the new clients and proxies are still only available on the
prerelease page for testing by early-adopters, we appreciate the
patience of those who would prefer to wait until the testing of these
clients are completed and they are moved to the official release page.

Thanks for your attention and participation!
Moo ]:8)