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nerf [26-Nov-2007 @ 18:46]

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:: 26-Nov-2007 18:46 GMT (Monday) ::

At our recent code-a-thon in Austin we made some significant headway on a
couple of stats projects. One is more behind the scenes and probably not as
interesting to the public (logdb), while the other is something we’re hoping is
going to be quite useful for a number of you.

In short, we have made a few changes to the way stats system works to enable it
to read either our internal log files or (drumroll) logs from a personal proxy.

We should warn you that this code path is relatively untested, but that’s what
we’re hoping you will help us with. We’re also sadly behind on documentation,
but we’re working on that, too.

We would, as always, be glad to hear about bugs suggestions or improvements
(even better when they come with a diff!). is the
best place to report these issues. If you have questions, you can either submit
them as a bug or join us on #distributed via IRC on

Link for the tarball:
Link for the sig for the tarball: