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snikkel [26-Jul-2007 @ 17:24]

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:: 26-Jul-2007 17:24 GMT (Thursday) ::

Dear friends,

We would like to announce that we have recently completed OGRp2-25.2 (ie:
OGR-25 phase 2 sub-phase 2) and are very close to completing OGRp2-25.3. For a
full technical summary of the current progress and phases of OGR, please see

As we move forward, we have just begun distributing stubs from OGRp2-25.6.
These stubs are the first of the 5-diff stubs and as a result are quite a bit
bigger than stubs we have been working on in the recent past.

We are currently working on OGRp2-25 sub-phases 3, 4, 5 and 6 at this
time. Due to the arrangement of the stubs within the sub-phases,
there are fewer but larger stubs left for the later sub-phases. Our
current estimated percentage complete for all of the OGRp2-25 work is
~64.65%, as of July 26, 2007. You can see the current percentage at

We have just released new clients (v2.9004.499) which feature a 1-3%
increase in the speed of the OGR MMX core. You can find the clients at

Moo! ]:8)