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snikkel [07-Mar-2006 @ 19:57]

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:: 07-Mar-2006 19:57 GMT (Tuesday) ::

We are pleased to announce a pre-release client for Mac OS X x86 is now

Eager users interested in helping provide test coverage for this client can
download it from: Please
report any issues by filing a bug at:

So here is the take on the Apple switch over performance. A Mac
Mini with a 1.42Ghz G4 benchmarks 15,049,781 Mkeys/s for RC5-72 and 32,176,334
Mnodes/s for OGR-P2. A Mac Mini with a 1.66Ghz Intel Core Duo benchmarks
9,057,090 Mkey/s for RC5-72 and 44,886,648 Mnodes/s for OGR-P2.

PPC x86 x86/PPC performance
RC5-72 15,049,781 9,057,090 -39.8%
OGR-P2 32,176,334 44,886,648 +39.5%

(Comparing the fastest G4 processor shipped in a Mac Mini with both cores of
the fastest Intel Core processor in a Mac Mini)

The dual cores of the Intel Core Duo give it a substantial advantage over
the single G4 in OGR performance. However, the Intel chip is certainly no
match for the powerhouse G4 in RC5-72 performance. With some more
volunteer help we still might be able to further optimize the code for
Intel Core processors. As always we thank our volunteers for contributing
to the projects.