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nugget [22-Nov-2005 @ 20:31]

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:: 22-Nov-2005 20:31 GMT (Tuesday) ::

The new raid controller for statsbox arrived today (3Ware 9550SX-8) and
I’ve got it plugged up and running. Everything looks great so far,
although the “SX” series cards are a bit new for FreeBSD stable and we’ll
have tapdance a bit on startup to get the proper twa driver loaded. I
see that the driver version we need was committed to FreeBSD current
about two weeks ago, so the awkwardness should be short-lived, I’d
expect an MFC into stable before too long.

The universe just keeps piling on, though, and one of the new 300GB
drives we bought died today while I was trying to initialize the
RAID10 volume. I ran to Fry’s to pick up a new, new drive and this
one seems fine. Right now I’m working on moving the contents of the
200GB RAID1 system volume (the OS and home directories) onto a new
300GB mirror made from two of the new drives. This will give us an
extra 100GB to play around with in our home directories, which ought
to be nice. Once I’ve verified that the system volume has copied to
the 300GB drives I’ll wipe the old ones and rebuild the RAID10
(database) volume from the six remaining 200GB drives.

I should have all that wrapped up by tomorrow, which means we’ll be
in a position to restore the stats database backup and kick off the
catchup runs from all the keymaster log files that have been piling
up during this downtime.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we bring stats
back to life. Hopefully this means we’ll have gotten the next few
years’ worth of problems out of the way all in this one massive crash.