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bovine [15-Mar-2005 @ 21:13]

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:: 15-Mar-2005 21:13 GMT (Tuesday) ::

This is just a notice that two of our volunteer servers in the
Netherlands, and…, will soon be going offline due to necessary
hardware reclamation. They have already been removed from our DNS
zones, so our clients will no longer automatically select them.

However, if you have manually specified the IP address or hostnames of
them in your configuration files, there will need to be some manual
changes. Although we have no immediate plans for a replacement, we
will continue to monitor user feedback and the redistributed traffic
patterns to evaluate whether we need to reconsider that.

There has also recently been a periodic update of our public source
code at which includes the assembly
source code for our current AMD64 (x86-64) RC5-72 core. We welcome
the assembly language expertise of others that already have their own
Opteron/Athlon64/EMT64 hardware in achieving further optimizations.