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nugget [22-May-2004 @ 15:38]

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:: 22-May-2004 15:38 GMT (Saturday) ::

iGive seems to be back with a frenzy. If you’ll recall,
was able to raise a lot of money through iGive shopping in the earlier
years of the organization. It looks like iGive is back after a period of
inactivity and they’re offering their $5 per new referral bonus again.

If you want a free way to help us recover from the statsbox purchase, click
over to and sign up (or refresh
your old membership). Basically how it works is that if you are an iGive
member and you make an online purchase with one of the partner merchants, gets a tax-free percentage of the purchase price at no cost
to you.

Merchants include Dell, Barnes and Noble, and OfficeMax.

In any event, enjoy the weekend and get your clients upgraded to the OGRp2
builds! ]:8)