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nerf [10-Jun-2003 @ 15:17]

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:: 10-Jun-2003 15:17 GMT (Tuesday) ::

Just a few words about how the completion numbers are generated. The
single “Percent Complete” number is actually the average of how far along
we are for pass 1 and pass 2. The current breakdown of how things are
going is:

project_id | pass1_pct | pass2_pct | tot_pct
24 | 85.23 | 49.70 | 67.46
25 | 81.90 | 47.60 | 64.75

Also, these numbers represent the number of stubs done. Given that some
stubs require much more work than others, the percent complete may not be
a linear representation of how much work is left to do. On the other hand,
the work returned is spread out fairly evenly across the stubspace, so it
should be close.