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dbaker [01-Jul-2001 @ 21:45]

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:: 01-Jul-2001 22:40 (Sunday) ::

I’m pleased to announce the installation and implementation of our brand
new Dell Poweredge 2550 master server. This new server is a dual processor
PIII-1GHz machine with 1GB of ram, 70GB RAID-5 SCSI disk, and redundant
power supplies.

The master server is the head project server for OGR and
RC5. It handles the creation of all new work, processing of completed
work, logging, and various other operational tasks.

This new capacity and processing power will allow faster processing of
work, more reliable proxy network functionality, and additional log storage.

Jeff (bovine) and I completed the process of transitioning to the new
server 3am EDT and it has been working flawlessly since then.

Thanks to everyone for their gracious financial support that has allowed
us to continue to expand our network infrastructure.