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dbaker [25-Nov-1999 @ 01:45]

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:: 25-Nov-1999 01:56 (Thursday) ::

Moo. I’ve been making some new progress on the new nodezero server (it’s the
master web/dns/ftp server). Those of you that watch my projects list (and
who doesn’t?) have seen that getting a new nodezero into production is a huge
priority and that I’ve slowly and surely been making progress.

Completed tasks:

– Design hardware specs (Brief: PIII-500, 2x9gig UWSCSI, 256mb sdram, etc)
– Order parts
– Build box
– Install OS (FreeBSD!) and setup minimal services

TODO tasks:
– Setup htdocs stuff in CVS on current n0
– Setup CVS sycning on new n0 for htdocs stuff
– Convert services (bind8, “mirror”, proftpd, qmail, etc.)
– Get nugget/cow to dink with apache/mysql_auth kludge
– Convert users

– Arrange for conversion with VISI
– FedEX box
– Final cutover

– Arrange for CVS server move to nugget’s colo site.

I hope to get through the first set of “still to do” tasks over this long
weekend (The 25th is a United States holiday). I’ll post more updates as
I progress.

Have a good Thanksgiving, folks. Burn, CSC, Burn!