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dbaker [13-Oct-1999 @ 22:44]

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:: 13-Oct-1999 22:58 (Wednesday) ::

I have good news! After a long process of recovering and preprocessing the “missing”
blocks from 09/01/1999, 09/10/1999, and 09/11/1999, I have begun to feed them back
into the keymaster for re-processing. I just began the actual re-processing a few
minutes ago, so I don’t have any idea how long the whole process will take. I’m sure
that the keymaster isn’t fast enough to finish before 00:00GMT (statsbox daily run
time), but it is possible that it will be completely finished by time for tomorrow’s

Your stats will not reflect that these blocks were done in the past; they will show
up in today’s (or tomorrow’s) stats as if they were just submitted recently. Because
of this, your “daily rate” will surge if you were missing blocks.

I’ll post more information about how long it will take to complete this process at
a later time.