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dbaker [17-Jan-2006 @ 22:12]

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:: 17-Jan-2006 22:12 GMT (Tuesday) ::

Hi, folks.

As Bovine announced 18 months ago in this plan entry:
we are shutting down the * DNS entries and finishing the
migration to v2.9 clients. All v27 DNS entries now point to in order
to avoid problems in some of the older clients if the DNS failed to resolve.

All current clients should already be using the * servers,
so this should not impact any clients or proxies. If you haven’t upgraded your
client or proxy software recently, I recommend visiting: for clients for proxies

Thanks for your contribution.


bovine [13-Sep-2005 @ 16:54]

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:: 13-Sep-2005 16:54 GMT (Tuesday) ::

Last week we added a new Aussie keyserver, located in Brisbane.
Clients have already begun to automatically connect to it and it
is performing great so far.

Our secondary webserver (one of two servers that host is
currently offline. Since all of the content it was hosting was
mirrored, this should not have much immediate impact on us. We’ve
adjusted our load-balancing to exclude it, although there may be some
delays until the DNS changes fully propagate. (That machine had been
online for nearly 8 years and would have had an uptime of 858 days at
the time it went offline.)


bovine [17-May-2005 @ 02:40]

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:: 17-May-2005 02:40 GMT (Tuesday) ::

There was some unexpected server hardware downtime today, which has
led to some backlog accumulating and a delay in the start of today’s
daily stats processing. We’re currently processing the backlog right
now and hope to catch up within the next few hours. It is not
expected that any significant amount of work was lost, due to the
buffering nature of our network.

However please be aware that the statsrun for May 16 (once it has
finished processing) may be a little low, since most of the backlog
will be counted in tomorrow’s stats.

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