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mikereed [23-Jan-2009 @ 01:30]

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:: 23-Jan-2009 01:30 GMT (Friday) ::

The CUDA client betas have expired. They will no longer function if you try
to run them. We will be releasing new versions in due course, but I am unable
to estimate at the present time when that will be. We thank you for your
continuing support.


mikereed [12-Jan-2009 @ 22:57]

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:: 12-Jan-2009 22:57 GMT (Monday) ::

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce that we passed 50% of OGR-26 completion on January
4, 2009. We thank you for your help in reaching this milestone.

We have just promoted a new set of clients from the pre-release page to the
official release page. These include clients with a faster OGR core which takes
advantage of MMX instructions for a 30% speedup. As usual, you can find them

The list of updated platforms includes:

* Linux [ARM/ELF] v2.9102.508
* Linux [ARM/eabi] v2.9102.508
* Linux [CellBE] v2.9102.508b
* FreeBSD [7.x/x86/ELF] v2.9102.508
* FreeBSD [6.x/x86/ELF] v2.9102.508
* FreeBSD [4.x/x86/ELF] v2.9102.508
* NetBSD [x86] v2.9102.508
* NetBSD [MIPSEL/ELF] v2.9102.508
* OpenBSD [x86/ELF] v2.9102.508
* OS/2 [x86] v2.9102.508
* PC-DOS, MS-DOS [x86] v2.9102.508
* Windows 32bit [x86/Zipped] v2.9102.508b
* Windows 32bit [x86/Installer] v2.9102.508b
* Solaris/SunOS [x86] v2.9102.508
* BeOS [Haiku/x86] v2.9102.508
* BeOS [x86] v2.9102.508
* Acorn RISC OS [ARM] v2.9102.508

Our work on clients for graphics cards is continuing. Our CUDA client for
nVidia cards is in public beta testing, while a core for new ATI cards is due
to enter closed testing shortly.

We also have new clients in public beta testing. You should only run these if
you have the time and inclination to monitor them regularly, as they may be
removed at short notice.

* Mac OS X/Darwin [x86] v2.9103.509
* Mac OS X/Darwin [PPC] v2.9103.509
* Linux [ARM/ELF] v2.9103.509
* Linux [ARM/eabi] v2.9103.509
* Acorn RISC OS [ARM] v2.9103.509

Moo! ]:8)


mikereed [18-Dec-2008 @ 18:56]

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:: 18-Dec-2008 18:56 GMT (Thursday) ::

Our stats system has not been updating since December 13th. We are working to
resolve this and will post a further update in due course. We apologise for
any inconvenience this may cause.


mikereed [20-Nov-2008 @ 17:06]

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:: 20-Nov-2008 17:06 GMT (Thursday) ::

Our stats system is down. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
More to follow.


mikereed [15-Sep-2008 @ 00:35]

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:: 15-Sep-2008 00:35 GMT (Monday) ::

Dear friends,

It has come to our attention that a firm named ‘Mystery Shoppers Inc.’ has
been sending out headed letters with our logo on them. These letters contain
instructions on how to become a mystery shopper and bogus checks to cash as
‘earnings’. We would like to assure you that we would never put our name to
this kind of operation. We hope that the fraudsters behind it are brought to
justice promptly. We thank you for your continuing support.

Moo! ]:8)


mikereed [05-Feb-2008 @ 00:40]

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:: 05-Feb-2008 00:40 GMT (Tuesday) ::

Dear friends,

We have recently been in communication with a number of vendors of anti-virus
software, regarding their false detections of dnetc. Many of them have been
brought around to our point of view that dnetc is benign, peaceful and able to
happily co-exist on a busy workstation. Our attempts to bring McAfee around to
our point of view have failed, despite our best efforts.

We would like to re-open hailing frequencies with McAfee and we need your help
to do this. On their site is a page describing dnetc as a ‘potentially unwanted
program’. You can see it here:-

At the side of the page is a link ‘Rate This Potentially Unwanted Program’. We
would like as many of you as possible to visit the page and let McAfee know
that dnetc should not be detected.

We remain grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Moo! ]:8)


mikereed [03-Feb-2008 @ 21:54]

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:: 03-Feb-2008 21:54 GMT (Sunday) ::

Dear friends,

We are coming towards the final stages of the OGR-25 project.
Our network has come under some strain in recent days, due to
the amount of OGR work being processed. We are aware that
some of the stubs being issued are very small. This is making
calculating buffer requirements difficult for those of us who
like to keep a close eye on things.

In the default configuration, an instance of dnetc which
cannot receive OGR stubs to work on will switch over
seamlessly to the RC5-72 project. We recommend to leave this
behaviour in place, if only to ease the load on our network
at this busy time.

If you have disabled the RC5-72 project in your client
configuration, your client may sit idle for a time while we
continue to experience difficulties with network connections.

We expect that the network connection difficulties will
continue into Monday, as this is historically the busiest
day of the week for our system. Please bear with us as we
work to resolve the shortages. We thank you for your

Moo! ]:8)


mikereed [24-Jan-2008 @ 01:59]

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:: 24-Jan-2008 01:59 GMT (Thursday) ::

Several new client versions have been moved from the pre-release page
to the official release page.

*PC-DOS, MS-DOS [x86] v2.9015.504
*OS/2 [x86] v2.9015.504
*Linux [MIPS/ELF] v2.9015.504
*Linux [x86/ELF] v2.9015.504
*Linux [CellBE] v2.9015.505

Download links for all supported platforms can be found at

Moo! ]:8)

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