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Keymaster interruption

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We experienced some hardware issues with our keymaster server today, possibly due to a mechanical issue. It had a few hours of downtime on 2015-05-16 causing work to become backlogged and buffered on our keyserver network, which means that the stats for that day will be significantly lower than usual, however tomorrow’s stats should include all of that backlogged work. Newly submitted work is continuing to be processed without delay at this point.

Although the keymaster is back online for the moment, we are continuing to do remote hardware diagnostics. It sounds likely that we may need to replace a system case fan however. Thanks for your patience and support!


November update

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Dear friends,

We have completed over 96% of the work and are now close to wrapping up OGR-27. Some of you may have noticed some difficulty getting OGR packets earlier today, due to our need to begin recycling of the remaining stubs. As I write this, there are about 20 million left that need working on. It is likely that you may experience difficulty occasionally in the coming weeks when hoping to collect OGR stubs to process. This is due to the master key server being unable to speak and chew at the same time!

If you have a long memory, you may remember a note from me about needing to complete one more verification pass on a small number of stubs, about 2.2% of the total, that had been processed by buggy client versions. Now is the time! Some of you are already working on these stubs. One of our core contributors “Stream” has calculated that it will take us about 3 weeks at our current average (400 Gnode/sec) to complete the verification of the earlier stub spaces.

Today we also mark the 4000th day that we have been working on the RC5-72 project. We passed 3% completion only a few weeks ago and continue to make steady progress.

As ever, you can catch up with us in #distributed on IRC (



World IPv6 day again!

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As you might remember, one year ago we participated in World IPv6 day by permanently turning on IPv6 access for our main website (  Today, we made the next step towards embracing IPv6 by adding AAAA records to our proxy keyserver DNS addresses and by releasing our first set of IPv6-capable dnetc clients on our pre-release download page, as version v2.9111.520.  There should be no additional client configuration changes needed for the client to utilize IPv6 once your OS has been properly configured.

At the moment, we only have one of our keyservers currently configured to handle IPv6 connections and our pre-release page only has IPv6 clients for Solaris/SunOS, however we will be adding more over the next few days.  Updated personal proxies that support IPv6 will also be made available in the coming weeks.  We welcome bug reports on if you encounter any connectivity problems with our new releases.

Happy IPv6  ]:8)


rc5-72 workunit distribution restored

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There was a brief interruption in the distribution of RC5-72 workunits earlier today, however the problem has been fixed and clients should be again receiving workunits.  OGR-27 was completely unaffected during this time.  Additionally, RC5-72 results continued to be accepted without interruption.

The problem was caused by our migration to some new webserver hardware (unrelated to the new stats servers), which disrupted some of our alert monitoring systems.

Keep on crunching! ]:8)


bovine [24-Jan-2010 @ 06:17]

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:: 24-Jan-2010 06:17 GMT (Sunday) ::

We’re having some connectivity issues with our keymaster server, so
our proxy network is currently holding all submitted results until
connectivity is restored. As a result, stats did not run last night.
We hope to get things back in operational order soon. Thanks!


bovine [29-Nov-2009 @ 06:15]

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:: 29-Nov-2009 06:15 GMT (Sunday) ::

Our keymaster is now back to normal operations and OGR-NG is sending
and receiving work again. We don’t think very many results, if any,
were lost as a result of the outage. The cause of the power failure
is still being investigated. Keep on crunching! ]:8)


bovine [28-Nov-2009 @ 19:48]

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:: 28-Nov-2009 19:48 GMT (Saturday) ::

There was a UPS or related power failure at our keymaster that caused
some data inconsistency in our OGR-NG database. As a result, the
project was automatically suspended until manual validation of the
database can be completed.

We hope to be able to bring OGR-NG back online within a day if
everything goes well. Unfortunately, some OGR-NG results that were
returned during this inconsistent period may have been lost.
Meanwhile, RC5-72 is continuing to run and is unaffected. Thanks for
your patience and support!


bovine [12-Mar-2009 @ 22:12]

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:: 12-Mar-2009 22:12 GMT (Thursday) ::

There was an unplanned network outage earlier today that caused the
unavailability of our website and DNS services. No work should have
been lost, due to the buffering nature of our network. We will be
working on improving the redundancy of our DNS over the next couple of
days to avoid that part of the problem in the future.

Additionally, we are aware that the historical stats for OGR-26 are
currently not displaying accurate data. During the enablement of
OGR-27 stats, some data archive tables were inadvertently truncated.
We will be working on re-loading those historical OGR-26 stats from
archive logs over the next week.

In other news, if you happen to be attending the South By Southwest
festival in Austin, Texas next week you should feel free to stop by
the Nuclear Taco Night event on Monday March 16 from 6-9 PM. A few of
the staff will be working behind the skillets to serve
these extremely spicy tacos to anyone masochistic enough for them:

Moo ]:8)


bovine [27-Jan-2009 @ 05:22]

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:: 27-Jan-2009 05:22 GMT (Tuesday) ::

We’ve started upgrading our keyservers to build 347 of our proxy
software so that we can now offer large-sized blocks for rc5-72. This
will allow our clients to waste less time during network transfers and
block transitions. The need for this feature has become increasingly
apparent as our clients have become increasingly faster, particularly
on CellBE, CUDA, and ATI Stream hardware.

The first clients to support this will be version 2.9103-509, which
are just beginning to appear on the pre-release page for testing by
early adopters. The client has a new configuration option to allow
the preferred blocksize to be specified (a larger default blocksize is
automatically used for those three hardware platforms). While version
2.9103-509 is the first to officially allow configuration of the
blocksize, we are able to silently offer slightly larger blocks (size
16) to previously released clients on those three platforms as long
as the client is communicating with a proxy of build 347 or higher.

When the client connects to a keyserver or a personal proxy of build
347 or higher, the server will make a “best-effort” attempt to give
the client blocks of that size. If the server only has larger blocks,
then the server will try to automatically split a block to match the
request. The server cannot combine smaller blocks into larger ones.

Although the new clients and proxies are still only available on the
prerelease page for testing by early-adopters, we appreciate the
patience of those who would prefer to wait until the testing of these
clients are completed and they are moved to the official release page.

Thanks for your attention and participation!
Moo ]:8)


snikkel [11-Jan-2009 @ 20:16]

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:: 11-Jan-2009 20:16 GMT (Sunday) ::

We experienced a temporary misconfiguration on one of the full proxy servers
in the network yesterday. This had the undesirable affect of notifying clients
and personal proxies that the OGR-NG contest was closed. This is not the
case. Clients and proxy servers that connected to this server may need to be
restarted in order to continue working on the OGR-NG contest. We apologize for
any inconvenience this may cause.

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