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Getting Ready For OGR-28

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Dear friends,

Behind the scenes, we are getting ready to move over to our newest project: OGR-28. This is to discover the most optimal Golomb Ruler with 28 marks. We anticipate that it will take about as long as OGR-27 has. It has some features in common with OGR-27: some of the packets will be very large (up to 1500 Gnodes), and there are three stub spaces. We expect that the first two stub spaces will take about 90 days to complete. Ask me about that last part in a few months time. :)

For the stats freaks among you, the number of stubs for each stubspace of OGR-28 is below:
Stubspace 1: 115676
Stubspace 2: 5823649
Stubspace 3: 518152118

It won’t be necessary for you to upgrade your client software, since OGR-27 clients are ready for OGR-28. If possible, though, I would recommend that you do have the most recent version. If you are running Windows 7 or 8 and your computer is less than four years old, that’s this one: :)

If you are running something else, have a look on our download page:

Once again, we will be sending some swag to the lucky users who found the Optimal Golomb Ruler this time!