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bovine [12-Mar-2009 @ 22:12]

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:: 12-Mar-2009 22:12 GMT (Thursday) ::

There was an unplanned network outage earlier today that caused the
unavailability of our website and DNS services. No work should have
been lost, due to the buffering nature of our network. We will be
working on improving the redundancy of our DNS over the next couple of
days to avoid that part of the problem in the future.

Additionally, we are aware that the historical stats for OGR-26 are
currently not displaying accurate data. During the enablement of
OGR-27 stats, some data archive tables were inadvertently truncated.
We will be working on re-loading those historical OGR-26 stats from
archive logs over the next week.

In other news, if you happen to be attending the South By Southwest
festival in Austin, Texas next week you should feel free to stop by
the Nuclear Taco Night event on Monday March 16 from 6-9 PM. A few of
the staff will be working behind the skillets to serve
these extremely spicy tacos to anyone masochistic enough for them:

Moo ]:8)