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bovine [08-Sep-2008 @ 02:09]

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:: 08-Sep-2008 02:09 GMT (Monday) ::

Dear friends,

As announced on May 21, 2007, RSA Labs officially discontinued their
sponsorship of the Secret Key Challenge and withdrew the monetary
prize they offered. However, we have been continuing to run the RC5-72
project without their sponsorship. Effective with this announcement,
we will officially fund the prize using the same distribution ratios that
we would have originally used, as per

* The individual who finds the key US$1,000
* The winning individual’s team US$1,000
* Free Software Foundation (winning charity) US$2,000

Although the option of privately funding the prizes had been discussed
publicly on the mailing list and we had internally decided this
several months ago, we thought it would be prudent to officially
announce this position to our participants.

These prizes will be paid from our organization’s general purpose
funds. If you would like to make donations to us and designate them
for use as a prize, we will gladly honor that request. If we receive
designated contributions exceeding the above totals, then the excess
will be paid out in proportion to the above ratios. To donate to our
organization, please see

Moo! ]:8)