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dbaker [08-Nov-1999 @ 15:15]

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:: 08-Nov-1999 15:28 (Monday) ::

I made lots of progress over the weekend. Although many of
my accomplishments won’t affect users directly, they offer significant
improvements to the network as a whole.

I upgraded the keymaster from FreeBSD 3.2-STABLE to 3.3-STABLE. In the past,
I’ve had a history of letting it go with an old OS for months on end; it
never goes down, so there’s little reason to upgrade. However, if you don’t
“stay on” an upgrade path, it gets much harder as releases progress.

I finally implemented Topanga. Topanga (aka TWOpanga) will serve as
(www2|ns2|ftp2|http2) I already have several of these
services in production. Having another DCTI machine that can serve as
a completely backup for nodezero (which is the master for web/dns/etc) will
not only increase general operating redundancy, but allow us to finally
upgrade the machine. At this point, I’ve been given the budget approval to
buy the new machine, but I was waiting for topanga to be in place to do so. In
the next coming weeks, I’ll be ordering and building the new nodezero. I plan
to see it in production before 2000.